Memorandum of Association

1 Name of the Association shall be Northern Indian Steamer Agents Association.

2 The registered office of the Association, for the time being, shall be situated at F-8, LGF, Kalkaji , New Delhi 110 019.

3 The objects for which Association is Established are :

i. To interest itself actively in all problems and measures relating to shipping in Northern India generally as well as in specific cases and to secure itself fullest possible participation in any steps / measures proposed to be taken by the Government / semi- Government agencies / bodies/ authorities as also to take such steps as necessary on behalf of Ship owners and Steamer Agents trading in Northern India.

ii. To discuss, consider and taken necessary action in the most expeditious manner on all questions relating to the promotion or support of any plan/proposal or scheme for the growth, development and safeguarding of shipping interest.

iii. In furtherance of the objectives :

a) To make and secure suitable and effective representations to Port Authorities, Customs Authorities, various Government and other Official, unofficial and quasi official bodies, Trade Associations, also labour bodies, Dock Labour Board etc.

b) To maintain as far as possible a uniform approach to all problems affecting shipping in Northern India.

c) To nominate delegates, advisers etc to represent the shipping interests at various conference in India abroad having a bearing, direct, indirect, on shipping.

d) To communicate with Chambers of Commerce and other commercial and public bodies in and outside India and to concert or promote measures which may be beneficial to Shipping interests in Northern India.

e) To collect, circulate and collate statistics and other information relating to coast of various services in any port, any inland container depot, Delhi inland container depot and Delhi container freight station. (Hereinafter referred to as "port") with a view to making efficient and effective representation to the bodies / authorities concerned, to ensure that the cost are commensurate with the services said to be provided.

f) To collect and distribute information which has a hearing on the member's activities in the "Port", and disseminate information on enactments under trade notice, customs notice etc., relevant to shipping in general, and also top publish periodically bulletins to serve the interests of shipping in Northern India and to prepare press releases as and when necessary on any matter affecting shipping.

g) To hold conferences, form and maintain a library, promote and organize lectures and study tours, found institution of professorship or studentship or found scholarship in order to encourage, assist and extend knowledge and information in relation to or connected with shipping.

h) To provide, regulate and maintain a suitable building or rooms to serve as an office of the Association and for this purpose to acquire, purchase or to take on lease or otherwise a site, a building and all other properties movable and immovable.

i) To engage and assist in such philanthropic activities as may be deemed appropriate by the executive committee of the Association.

j) To subscribe, to become a member of and co-operate with any other Association with similar objects as those of this Association; and to affiliate with any body organization to serve the interest of the Association.

k) To co-opt bodies / association / persons to assist the Association in achieving its objectives and

l) Finally to do all or any other things as may be conducive to the development of Shipping interests in Northern India or incidental to the attainment of the above objects or any one of them.

iv. Income and Property of the Association :

The income and property of the Association, from whatever sources derived, shall be applied solely towards the promotion of the Association as set forth in this Memorandum of Association and no portion there of shall be paid or transferred directly or indirectly by way of profit to the persons who at any time are or have been members of the Association or to any of them or to any person claiming through any of them. Provided that nothing herein contained shall prevent

a) the payment in good faith or remuneration to any officers or servants of the Association, or to any member thereof, or other persons in returns for any services actually rendered to the Association, or the payment of in interest or money borrowed from any members of the Association.

b) Any payment of allowance or concession to members by way of rebate or return of subscription in accordance with the regulations for the time being of the Association.

c) The gratuitous distribution among, or sale at a discount to, members of the Association of any books or publications not required for the furtherance of any of its object.

v. If, upon winding up or dissolution of the Association, there remains, after the satisfaction of all its debts and liabilities, any property whatsoever, the same shall not be paid or distributed among the members of the Association, but shall be given or transferred to some other institution or institutions having objects similar to the objects of the Association to be determined by the members of the Association present at a general meeting at or before the time of the dissolution.

4.Governing Body :

The names, addresses, occupation and designation of the present members of the governing body to whom the management of the society is entrusted as required under section 2 of the Societies Registration Act, 1860, as applicable to the U.T. of Delhi are as follows :

(Full in Capital)
AddressOccupationDesignation in
the Society
ASHOK MEHTA C/o Tata Tea Ltd Hamilton House, A- Block, Cannaught Place, New Delhi-1 Branch Manager President
ANAND PRATAP SINGH C/o Ranadip Shipping and Transport P.Ltd., G- 24, Hans Bhawan, Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg, New Delhi-2. Branch Manager Executive Committee Member
ASHOK MEHTA C/o Tata Tea Ltd Hamilton House, A- Block, Cannaught Place, New Delhi-1 Branch Manager President
JAYANT KUMAR SHAKDHER C/o. Forbes Compbell & co. Ltd. 204, Competent House F- 14, Cannaught Place New Delhi- 1. Shipping Manager Executive Committee Member

We, the several persons, whose names and addresses and occupation are hereunto subscribed are desirous of being formed into an Association in pursuance of this memorandum of Association.

Sd/ (J.K. Shakdher) Forbes Forbes Campbell & co. Ltd., Agents for American President Lines Manager (Shipping)
Sd/ (J.K. Shakdher) Forbes Forbes Campbell & co. Ltd., Agents for American President Lines Branch Manager
Sd/ (J.K. Shakdher) Forbes Forbes Campbell & co. Ltd., Agents for American President Lines Regional Manager

New Delhi
Dated the 30th day of Dec. 1985.

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