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    • Here is a short note on the EC / e-Trade Meeting held on 23rd July 2009 between 1500 and 1730 Hours at Udyog Bhavan.
    • The meeting as chaired by Additional Secretary, MOC , Mr Gopalan.
    • The official meeting minutes will be circulated later as per usual time lines.
    • Meeting was attended by all the Airport Authorities –Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore AAI


    • The EC/e-Trade Initiative of the GOI is being spearheaded by the MOC
    • List of organisations selected for EC/EDI implementation:

The following points were discussed:

    • Customs
    • DGFT
    • Port Trusts
    • Airports
    • Container Corporation
    • Banks
    • RBI
    • Airlines
    • Apparel / Textile Export Promotion Councils
    • Indian Railways
    • Export Promotion Organisations
    • DG Commercial Intelligence / Statistics
    • Inland Container Depots / Container Freight Stations

EC/eTrade relating to Shipping :

    • Ports are participating in the switch over to eTrade through the PCS (Port Community System)being implemented by the IPA (Indian Ports Association) . Ports have started exchanging messages with Ship Agents/ Customs/Custodians of Port CFS's / Rail Operators
    • Customs have already started exchanging Messages with Ports / CONCOR and Custodians of Port CFS's
    • The MOC is keen that the same message exchanges and e Applications be started at ICD's and this is how the whole issue was started with CONCOR

Points Discussed on 23rd July as relating to Shipping:

    • NISAA/FEDSAI Pointed out to the MOC that they are committed to assisting the GOI with implementing their e-Trade Initiative.
    • NISAA/FEDSAI said that they are already using the CONCOR web site applications at JNPT
    • NISAA/FEDSAI told the MOC that mandating the users to use the CONCOR Web Application would be counterproductive as there are many stake holders – like Shippers, CHA's who also need to be taken into account . MOC has agreed to wait for the feedback from CONCOR on a suitable time frame when e-Trade will commence in North India
    • NISAA/FEDSAI also highlighted to MOC that the current Web Application of CONCOR does not actually cut down transaction costs or reduce paperwork but only shifts the work from CONCOR to Shipping Lines.
    • NISAA /FEDAI felt that in order to effectively implement e-Trade /Ecommerce in the ICD/CFS shipping arena, a Core Working Committee chaired by CONCOR with other stake holders need to be formed . NISAA/FEDSAI has offered their participation in this Core Committee.
    • NISAA/FEDSAI also felt that all Private Train Operators / Custodians of North India who have not been part of this e-Trade Initiative should be invited to attend – This was agreed to by MOC .
    • MOC has asked CONCOR to give them a feedback on the progress which this Core Team will make in standardizing the e-Applications across ICD's /CFS's and Train Operators.
    • As Shipping Lines, we will need to actively take part by providing our inputs to the Core Committee on what needs to be done electronically to save redundant work and bring about process efficiencies in our day to day work.
      • As regards the doing away of PDA and replacing this with e-Payments, this was discussed but is being opposed by Airports / CONCOR /Ports.
      • NISAA/FEDSAI was of the opinion that PDA's need to be done away with at the Ports and ICD's and to be replaced with a "re-engineered Billing and e-Payment system".

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